1. To manage the Educational Radio Station and the Educational Television Station (ETV) under the Ministry of Education

        2. To plan and produce quality modern educational radio and educational television programmes, e-learning, educational media for people with disabilities, and educational media in other formats to suit the needs of various target groups 

        3. To develop, disseminate and provide educational technology services via the internet   

        4. To provide supplementary lessons known as Student Channel programme on ETV in collaboration with the National Broadcasting Services of Thailandso as to promote access to and to provide alternatives for quality learning opportunities for urban and rural students and non-formal learners as well as to organize Student Channel programme on tour to many provinces in various parts of the country

         5. To develop the use of educational technology media in public relations system for the benefit of teaching-learning and lifelong learning of the target groups  

        6. To administer educational technology resources and information with a view to providing services to users and network agencies
        7. To develop the production and the application of knowledge and skills of educational technology producers and users

        8. To undertake survey and research and to monitor and evaluate the results of operation with a view to formulating policy and strategy, and to developing the efficiency of production, dissemination and provision of educational technology media services.