Educational Media Service

           CET provides educational media service to students, education personnel, the disabled and the general public to respond to their media needs for self development and lifelong learning. These media are:

             1. Offline educational materials in various formats such as CD, VCD, DVD, MP3, CD ROM, user’s guides
             2. Free online educational materials in both VDO and audio formats at
             3. Searchable information on educational media at

             Corresponding to the audiences’ needs, the contents of CET’s educational media are diverse and may be summed up as follows:

     1. Curriculum supplementary media:
             1.1 Revision of all topics at all levels
             1.2 Lesson revision and preparation for O-NET, GAT, PAT, and university entrance examinations by well-known tutors

     2. Media for knowledge enhancement and skills development
             2.1 Foreign language skills practice such as English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, German
             2.2 Supplementary incoe skills such as cooking, floral arrangement, perfumery and crafts
             2.3 Exercises for health such as dance, aerobic, yoga
             2.4 Organic cultivation, herbs, sufficiency economy, traditional Thai medicine
             2.5 Science and the environment
             2.6 Entertainment, singing, hobbies
             2.7 Ethics promotion for children through tales and songs

     3. Educational media for the disabled and their parents’
             3.1 The visually impaired
             3.2 The hearing impaired
             3.3 The autistics
             3.4 People with learning disabilities
             3.5 People with other disabilities

Users of educational media can contact CET at

The Centre for Educational Technology, Si Ayuatthaya Road Bangkok 10400, Thailand
Tel. +66 2 354 5730 through 40 ext. 114 and 117

           The service charge for CET educational media corresponds with the rates prescribed by the Ministry of Education. Order may be sent by post and payment can be made by postal money order or bank transfer. Order may also be placed electronically at