Educational Radio

        The Educational Radio Station plans, produces, develops and broadcasts educational radio programmes to promote lifelong learning of the target groups, i.e. students, teachers, education personnel, the disabled, and the general public. The station is charged with the following duties: 

           1. To plan and produce educational programmes based on the current curriculum
                      CET Educational Radio Station plans, produces and develops educational radio programmes to promote education and learning development in accordance with the curriculum prescribed by the Ministry of Education for the target groups in the formal and non-formal education systems, teachers and education personnel, parents, guardians and interested public.         

           2. To plan and produce informal education radio programmes
                      CET Educational Radio Station plans, produces and develops radio programmes to promote informal education  and lifelong learning of the public thereby providing children, women and the people    with disabilities opportunities for the development of potential for education for self-enrichment as well as social and community development. These programmes also aim at promoting ethics, occupation and quality of life. The programmes spanning from education and languages to democracy, laws,economy, science, and the environment aim at improving the audiences’ understanding in these areas.

           3. To plan, produce and develop education news for radio
CET Educational Radio Station reports news and developments in education, provides information regarding education concepts and policies of the Ministry of Education and other governmental and private agencies aiming at in-school and out-of-school target groups as well as the general public.           


             The Educational Radio Station manages both the School Radio and the Educational Radio sections. In so doing, it plans programmes and broadcast schedules, follows the broadcast schedules, monitors the radio broadcast regulations, publicizes the programmes, develops broadcasting of educational radio programmes on AM 1161 kHz, FM92 MHz, at both in real time and on demand, and via the Thaicom satellite. Moreover, the Station coordinates formal education radio programme broadcast on Radio Thailand’s network for non-formal education and lifelong learning, cooperates with the Government in relaying significant live broadcast, and produces public relations spots on various important activities.