Educational Television

           The Educational Television Station plans, produces, develops and telecasts educational programmes providing diverse contents to promote lifelong learning of students, teachers, education personnel, the general public and special groups such as the people with disabilities, homeless children, prisoners, etc. The station is charged with the following duties:

 1. To plan and produce educational television programmes for formal education
           CET Educational Television Station plans, produces and develops television programmes and accompanying materials for school students, non-formal education learners, teachers, education personnel, parents, guardians and interested public in support of education and learning development in all areas of learning and at all levels based on the curricula prescribed by the Ministry of Education.

 2. To plan and produce informal education television programmes
           CET Educational Television Station plans, produces and develops informal education programmes to deliver news and information and to enhance knowledge and skills useful to the development of quality of life of the people. Aiming at promoting lifelong learning, the programmes focus on occupation, foreign languages, health, science and technology, art, and culture. Moreover, the Station produces special programmes as a service to other governmental departments and divisions within and outside the Ministry of Education. Last but not least, the Station publishes and distributes programme guide to the audiences.

           CET Educational Television Station produces television programmes and education news programmes to keep students, teachers, education personnel and general public abreast of the latest development in education reform as well as to promote lifelong learning.

 3. To plan and produce television news for education
           The Educational Television Station manages and operates the ETV’s programme telecast daily from 6 a.m. to midnight ensuring appropriate timing of the programmes for the target groups. It plans daily programme and telecast schedules which appear in the programme guide as well as collects data and statistics on the telecast. It monitors programme quality to ensure correctness in accordance with the laws and government’s broadcast regulations . ETV programmes are telecast on the following channels:   

1. Educational Television Station, Ministry of Education
2. National Broadcasting Services of Thailand
3. Thai PBS Station
4. Live and on-demand via the Internet at
5. TrueVisions channel 180 for TrueVisions subscribers
6. Local cable TV throughout the country for local cable TV subscribers